How to grow chillies – from seed to chilli plant!

Growing Chillies is a very simple and rewarding process, much the same as growing any other plant. However the conditions required to grow a healthy chilli plant are slightly different, although the right area and conditions can be found in any household. Before we go straight into the chilli growing process, here’s some equipment you will need:

  • Medium sized plant pot
  • Chilli seeds
  • organic soil
  • a warm area exposed to the sun (windowsill etc…)
  • fertilizer
  1. Selecting the right chill:

The First and most important step in growing a chilli is choosing the right chilli seeds/plant to grow. This is one of the easiest chilli plant growing stages although it can be quite a task for some people to decide what type of chillies to grow. When starting out many people tend to just go for the hottest possible chillies and end up not being able to eat them. Yes, it’s great to be able say your growing a Trinidad Morgua Scorpion or some other absurdly hot chilli, but is it really worth it if you can’t enjoy the end product? Also, you have to take into account that the hotter chillies will generally be the ones that take the longest time to germinate, and this can be worrying as a beginner.

Look for a chilli that you are familiar with and enjoy to eat. This will make the experience of growing chilli plants more rewarding as you’ll end up with a plant full of chillies you can really enjoy.

 2. Planting chilli seeds


Now, you’ve selected the type of chilli you would like, your ready to grow your own chillies. This step is extremely simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. Simply pour the majority of the organic soil into the plant pot, allowing for an inch or so at the top to plant the seeds. Flatten and compress using the base of your hands and place the chilli seeds on top of the soil (don’t press them into it) . Chilli plant growth is a very fragile process and hence the chilli seeds cannot be buried to deeply; use the remaining soil to cover the seeds with around 1 cm of soil.

4. Chilli growing conditions


Great, you’ve now potted the chillies, remember, you should try to plant around 3 seeds in each pot . Now, simply move the potted chillies into a warm dry place (doesn’t need to be exposed to sunlight) and leave to germinate; typically a chilli will germinate in 2-3 weeks.

Once the seeds have germinated, repot them and place them in a warm area, exposed to lots of sunlight. A windowsill or green house is perfect! Remember, the conditions in which a chilli grows is a very import and factor in growing chillies and can effect many attributes such as speed of growth and even the heat of the chilli.

Ideally, summer is the best chilli growing season, however, as long as there is a decent amount of sunlight and the chilli plant is in a warm environment, any time of year is fine. Although, at colder times of the year the chilli plant may take longer to grow, but don’t worry it’ll still grow healthily and stably.

4. Chilli plant care and watering

pexels-photo-82767 (1)

Chilli plant care is very simple and only requires a a few minutes a week; try to water the chillies well every 2 or 3 days and ensure their soil never dries out. Over watering on the other hand, should be avoided as it can really harm the chilli and prevent it;s growth. If you do accidentally over water one of your chillies simply give the soil a few more days to dry out and you’l be fine.

One of the most common issues faced when growing chillies in aphid (known as green or black fly). Aphids are small pests that will in-habitat the chilli leaves and eat them gradually. If you do spot aphids on your chilli plant (will look like white dust) simply wash them off and fertilize regularly. Fertilization will ensure aphids or any other pest will not grow on or attack the chilli .





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