Just how hot is the hottest chilli in the world? And, what does it do to your body?

So, what is the world hottest chilli in the world, and how hot is it?


At just over 1000,000 SHU (scoville units) the ghost chilli or Naga Bhut Jolokia as it is sometimes called, is the hottest chilli in the world! In 2007 the Guinness world records officially certified the Naga Bhut Jolokia as the worlds hottest chilli, and, at 400 times hotter than tobasco sauce the name of “hottest chilli pepper in the world” is certainly deserved.

Originally from India, the ghost chilli pepper is a hybrid chilli made from a combination of both Chinese and and Northeast Indian chilli’s. It can only be grown in two places in the world (Nagaland and Assam), outside of these specific climates, the ghost chilli loses a significant amount of it’s heat and can only heat up to around 300,000 scoville units – not that this would make much difference when in your mouth.

Commonly, ghost chilli peppers are used in the cooking of spicy dishes and curries as seasoning for those brave enough, although they’ve recently started being used for a much crueler purpose. As the hottest chilli in the world you would assume that the ghost chilli has been responsible for a great deal of pain, and you’d be right. Over it’s life this brutal substance has been used to cause harm to thousands of unsuspecting victims and become a fantastic weapon to bring to college parties. But your not the only one to realize this.

The Indian army now integrate ghost chilli extract into many of their smoke grenades to provide an extra kick of shock to anyone on the receiving end. Can you imagine that, over 1000,000 scoville units of pure fire burning through your eyes, nose and lungs. Agony! But, just how bad does the worlds hottest chilli sauce grenade hurt? What does 1000,000 scoville units feel like?

Well, the overwhelming and agonizing burning sensation that comes from eating something really hot is down to one chemical – capsaicin. capsaicin, in large doses, can cause heart attacks, fits or even death as it is actually a neurotoxin. When injested, capsaicin reacts with the skin and sends an impulse both to the brain and pain receptors, telling your brain that your about to experience a sudden increase in both temperature and pain. From here on, you feel as if you’ve just lit a match inside your mouth . The burning feeling is very real and has recently been proven to burn stomach fat . At the end of the day, the burning sensation is completely real and almost exactly what you would feel if you’d physically burnt yourself.

Like super hot chillies, why not grow one yourself? Check out my post on how to grow your own chillies.


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