Mad dog 357 review (silver collector’s edition) – the hottest chilli sauce in the world!


Mad dog 357 sauce – “the hottest chilli sauce in the world!”. Does this extra hot sauce live up to expectations?

mad dog 357 hot sauce

Measuring in at 750, 000 scoville units, mad dog 357 silver collectors edition is nothing to laugh at. Made with a 6 million scoville units chilli extract and a barrel full of habaneros, I had high expectations for this sauce. And, believe me, they were exceeded. This sauce is on fire!

After tasting this sauce I experienced an agonizing burning that lasted over 2 hours. My tongue melted into my mouth and my lips throbbed and swelled. The heat was simply overwhelming and my eyes watered like hose; Over the course of the experience I drank an entire, 4 pint carton of milk.

Believe me, I am an experienced chilli eater and am quite tolerant to the heat. I’ve tried much hotter things in my life, extracts and chillies, exceeding the 3,000,000 scoville mark. However, for some reason, this sauce brought me to my knees. The instant kick and immediate heat is brutal, unlike any hot chilli sauce I’ve tried before.

I am now utterly sure, that mad dog 357 hot sauce is the hottest chilli sauce in the world.

But it’s not just the heat that’s exceedingly impressive, the taste, if the heat doesn’t completely overwhelm your senses, is just fabulous. A real, juicy, fruity flavor bursts through that will compliment almost any food and gives your senses an extra punch. Compared to other hot chilli sauces I have tried, and I’ve tried a lot, I’d say that 357 mad dog hot sauce is certainly the fastest acting, and provides a great initial explosion of heat that’s rare for a sauce.

As well as complimenting the sauce, I’d also like to show my appreciation for the packaging. The bottle is very stylish, “dangerous looking”, and comes with a bullet key chain containing a tasting spoon. This really adds to the whole experience and I just love the way it is presented.

To conclude my mad dog 357 hot sauce review, I’ll warn you that it certainly is “the hottest chilli sauce in the world” and then fully recommend that you try it immediately – it is simply fantastic!


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